She Heals®️ Virtual Check In

She Heals®️ Virtual Check In is a bi-weekly group that occurs twice a month to give women a space to check in with self and with what they are needing in addition to doing some reflection. She Heals®️ Virtual Check In is a collective for women to provide support, community, and fun.

Dates: Every 2nd Monday of the Month

Time:   7pm to 8pm EST

Fee:     Free


Please bring a journal and something to write with as we will do a journal entry.

Disclaimer: The She Heals®️ is not therapy and should not be mistaken as group therapy. We do not run the groups or events as therapists but as a guides, coaches, and peers. If you do find that you need therapy in addition to the group, there are resources are available. Click here.

Limited Seating! To keep the space sacred and safe the seating is limited to 20.

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